Green Protein Smoothie (with stevia)
Green Protein Smoothie (with stevia)

Green Protein Smoothie (with stevia)

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Our fruity smoothies are just as yummy when you use stevia (rather than honey) and this option cuts the calories and the sugar/carb content drastically.

Our Tropical Green Smoothie is so popular we decided to do another version that's higher in protein for those of you who've asked! This Green Protein Smoothie has 25g of protein and you can CHOOSE either an organic whey or an organic collagen protein powder.

This smoothie comes w/ 2 scoops of either collagen or whey protein but feel free to add more at a dollar per scoop! 

Per Serving Nutrition Facts:

270 Calories
39 Carbs
25 grams of Protein
26 grams of Sugar
150mg Sodium
3 grams of Fat
60mg Cholesterol

✔ Gluten Free
✔ Grain Free
✔ Low-Fat
✔ Paleo
✔ Vegetarian