Grass-Fed Beef Chili

Grass-Fed Beef Chili

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This understated staple of our menu is a wonderfully savory and slightly spicy darling made with grass-fed beef, black beans and lots of veggies and seasoning.

You can also find this chili in our Grass-Fed Beef Chili Mac and Grass-Fed Beef Stuffed Sweet Potato meals.

Per Serving Nutrition Facts:

310 Calories
11 Carbs
33 grams of Protein
5 grams of Sugar
250mg Sodium
14 grams of Fat
120mg Cholesterol

✔ Gluten Free
✔ Grain Free
✔ Keto-friendly
✔ Low-carb
✔ Low-Fat
✔ No Added Sugar
✔ Nut-Free